Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-22

  • @thequeenoftarts – that is some damn good banana bread. can’t wait to see how the mini pizzas turn out tonight. :-) in reply to thequeenoftarts #
  • I love how car adds tout their ’41′ mpg cars. My 1rst rabbit diesel got over 50 mpg in 1985. What’s up with that? #
  • Playing carpenter today. Going to help Peter move an entry way from the kitchen to the dining room. I wonder if I remember how to do this. #
  • At the bar in Franklin Cafe in South End. Great mac n cheese. Strong bourbon belle. Working up my appetite for Dallas and Shreveport. #
  • Friday night, going home, getting ready to go out with my girl for a drink. I love Friday nights. #
  • Just founf out from Lily there is a Cuban gallery in the South End right off of Harrison. Will check it out tomorrow. #
  • Nice to see all the people with their NCAA brackets out on the way home. #
  • @thequeenoftarts – try Cosi – good fruit plates last time I looked #
  • For those who get frustrated at Verizon, this ones for you – #
  • Maximizing – interviews with Joost & inventors, thinkers, and tinkerers – #
  • Fuelled by coffee – novel form of biodiesel is derived from an unusual feedstock: coffee – #
  • Long day today, but I can’t wait to have dinner with Seth and Bobbi tonight. Going to Charlestown, so close but yet so far away. #
  • NASA and Honeywell Launch 2009 FMA (force=mass x acceleration) Live! Spring Tour – #
  • NASA Debuts Unique Movie on a Sphere About Frozen Earth – 6′ sphere creates seamless image – #
  • The ‘T’ deployed customer service personel to help passengers. Too bad they are clustered together at the north end of the Park St platform. #
  • At the Muddy Charles Pub at MIT. Sitting catching up with friends pondering all the great science born here since late 60′s. #
  • Artist Justine Cooper’s photographs document intersection of science, curation, endurance of human curiosity – #
  • A Machine That Speeds Up Evolution – multiplex-automated genomic engineering, or MAGE – #
  • Cambridge Science Festival – taking curiosity to a new level – schedule of events is up – begins April 25 – #
  • OpenLabWare – one students drive to demystify the research process – #
  • President Barack Obama’s Memorandum on Scientific Integrity – Signed March 9, 2009 – #
  • Nanocapacitors with Big-Energy Storage – nanopore arrays combine high power and storage capacity – #
  • Hats off to Jarrett who is in New Orleans, working down in the St. Bernard Parish. In his own words ” I’m directy, wet, muddy, and happy!” #
  • Novel Antibiotics That Don’t Trigger Antibiotic Resistance Developed – #
  • Indian scientists find 3 UV-resistant bacteria – hardy organisms that can spread over continents – #
  • A mousetrap for bacteria – micro-sized “roach motel” (“Bacteria check in, but they don’t check out”) – #
  • Religion: Biological Accident, Adaptation – or Both – #
  • Map of Science Looks Like Milky Way – The pursuit of human knowledge has a shape – #
  • @blackaller @buza, @anadk – I could not remember that place’s name earlier. Used to be a great food / music venue back in the day. in reply to blackaller #
  • @blackaller – is Oleana open on Sundays? #
  • @thequeenoftarts – You outdid yourself again. Just recovering from last night’s dinner. Ready for brunch. in reply to thequeenoftarts #

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