The beginning of a New Day

Barack Obama PictureI have been watching the procession of Presidential Elect Barack Obama’s train snaking its way from Philadelphia to Washington.  They have just been introduced in Baltimore and are walking onto stage.  As I watch and listen to the speech, to the references to the history of this Country, the sacrifices which were made to get to this point, I am filled with renewed fervor and hope for the future.  These last eight years have been a hard and dark period in our history.  The attack on the Ideals and the Visions on what our Country has been founded on, both from without and from within, has brought me to the brink of despair.

My hope for this Country is rekindled.  I have been paying close attention to what has been said this week about the return of respect for facts and science, of the making descisions based on reality and not for those who can benefit us financially, of holding our leaders accountable for their actions.  I am not naive; I know of the shortcomings of men and of the pitfalls of power.  I have hope though, that maybe, just maybe, America, as a country, can again inch forward in its pursuit of providing those unalienable rights and liberties for all the members of our Country.

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