Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25

  • I know it is Sunday and all, but you would think that by 11:00 am they would have at least plowed the main streets! Barely slid into work! #
  • I just saw the coolest thing on Obama yet: NanObama – – yes, once again, I am a geek! #
  • I am excited about the FaceBook / CNN social experiment that is going to take place on Inauguration day! #
  • I just explained PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and its historical importance to Lily. Pretty cool stuff. #
  • I am getting ready for the day. Having my coffee at work, reading the times, answering e-mails, just like every other day. Are you kidding? #
  • I have CNN live set up at work. The sunrise over DC is beautiful. #
  • I am going to the Parson’s Lab Brunch @ Eastgate. Mimosas and Bloody Maries for all! #
  • I love Aretha’s hat. #
  • Here we go! #
  • This struggle will not be complete until a same sex couple with their children are in the Whitehouse. #
  • When will Vishna or Budha or Mohamed be mentioned at the inaugural pulpit? #
  • America has a new President! #
  • Today MIT starts a 3 day conference celebrating the 200 aniversary of Darwin’s birthday! #
  • Teach the srength and weakness of evolutionary theory? Is that the same as strength and weakness of gravitational theory? #
  • At Max & Dylan’s. Great mac & cheese menu. Jarrett has been raving about this place. #
  • Why is it that at 10:20 on a Friday night I am staring at microbial 16S RNA sequences instead of relaxing with a good book? #
  • I am going to Darwin’s 200th birthday celebration at the MIT Museum. #
  • There are amazing people here today: John King, Harriet Ritvo, Hyman Hartmannn. responsible for the modern evolution of Darwin’s theory. #
  • China record’s 4th birdflu death. Philippines confirms fisrt ebola-reston virus in pigs. Are we in for a record emerging disease year? #
  • Dear Robert Burns. Had some haggis. Got to do an Ode to the Lassies. Drank some scotch. All in all, a great evening. Thanks Mike and Xu. #

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