Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-15

  • I love coming back to Boston after being away. Such a great city. #
  • Birds on an evolutionary speed track – fastest evolving birds found in Solomon islands – #
  • Gallery: Robotic Sub Installs Deep-Sea Webcam – #
  • Who’s Messing with Wikipedia? WikiDashboard aims to reveal struggle behind Wikipedia’s most controvesial pages- #
  • Cheaper Fuel Cells – Carbon nanotubes could replace platinum catalysts and help make fuel cells economical- #
  • Someone is having a deliscious smelling asian lunch and I am suffering through a cheese sandwich. Need to do better at cooking lunches. #
  • Taking a mid-day break to get some fresh air and think about some perplexing results. #
  • Sitting here writing in my notebook eating a banana with crunchy peanut butter. Can you beat that? #
  • Does anyone have a 100 ATM microbial growth chamber lying around? Didn’t think so. I have to put the parts list together and assemble it. #
  • The full moon looks beautiful peaking from behind the wisps of clouds, framed by the city buildings. #
  • @thequeenoftarts tisk tisk. It is not their fault they are deficient. #
  • More power from bumps in the road – MIT students develop energy-harvesting shock absorbers – #
  • Got to love the market roll a coaster. #
  • I love when school starts. All the undergrads get free food. There is a kid with 5 boxes of 5′ long subways walking down the infinite. #
  • Going to hear Abraham Verghese read from his new book “Cutting for Stone”M #
  • I am waiting for the agarose gel to solidify. That is the story of my life lately. #
  • Massachusett’s Governor Patrick to deliver Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Commencement address – #
  • Register for the Darwin 200th Birthday Call – #
  • Can we find 200,000 by Feb 12 to wish Darwin a happy 200th birthday? – #
  • Hybrids Powered by Air. Storing energy with compressed air, rather than batteries, could cut the cost of hybrids – #
  • Does anyone know where shell muscle gonads are located in their body? Need to cut them out to feed the nematostella. #
  • @JustaSunGod you mean that you are not the incarnation of Freyr or Huitzilopochtli or Tonatiuh? I am so let down. #
  • Hello Houston, who is driving these things? 2 Big Satellites Collide 500 Miles Over Siberia – #
  • That got me thinking, how many man made objects are in space? According to the US Air Force, a lot – ~10,000 – #
  • Why we can’t use something like this to electronically track medical records for patients – its free – its #
  • Another thing you can do with your kids pets – Harnessing Hamster Power with a Nanogenerator- #
  • Going to Tommy Doyles in h
    Harvard for Wutang Wednesdays. I wonder what kind of mood Peter’s in tonight. #
  • Picking through blue / white colonies looking for my ligation insert. After a while they all look the same. Crossed eye syndrome. #
  • Ran some errands. Could not find parking araound MIT. Arg! Drove home. Now on the bus and T back to work. #
  • Have the parts list for the high pressure scCO2 growth chamber. Drawing the piping diagram. Next is ordering parts / heading to machine shop #
  • Best Sperm for the Job – Ranking sperm cells could improve the odds of in vitro fertilization – #
  • A Virus That Rebuilds Damaged Nerves – Genetically engineered viruses could form a scaffold for nerve cells – #
  • MIT Professor David Schauer shows that chronic infection may add to developing-world deaths – #
  • PDAs aren’t just for checking e-mail – Researchers use handheld devices to monitor TB patients in Peru – #
  • Just rejoined the MIT machine shop. Watch out! Going to start making some cool instruments for lab. #
  • A snakelike robotic arm may one day medically attend to soldiers as they are carried off the battlefield – #
  • Two new studies show that the effects of a mother’s early environment can be passed on to the next generation – #
  • Watching Darwin’s Secret Notebook on National Geographic HD. #
  • Neanderthal Genome Unraveled – Scientists announce the first complete draft of our closest relative’s genome – #
  • Cleaning the kitchen and listening to the Pet Shop Boys. Getting ready for an afternoon of baking. #
  • Just saw Slumdog Millionaire. I get it now. #
  • Got the bagel dough rising, the brownies are in the oven, and working on the biscuits. BTW black cocoa is really really dark, like black. #
  • Bottling the blood orange vodka infusion. Waiting on friends to go to the chocolate and port tasting at Brix South End. The brownies rock! #

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