Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

  • 10 Fantastic Marine Biology Videos – #
  • Stuck on the redline at Kendal. Problem at Park Street. I have had a long day. Just want to get home. #
  • Gee, Brain, what are we going to do today? The same thing we do every day, Pinkey – try to take over microbiology! #
  • Kauffman Foundation study finds MIT alumni companies generate billions for regional economies – #
  • Enlisting microbes to solve problems – Researchers harness bacteria to produce energy, clean up environment – #
  • Pollutants emitted as a result of corn biofuel production could have serious impacts – #
  • Carbon Burial Research Grows as Huge Experiment Begins – #
  • 10 Awesome Summer Internships for Science Students – #
  • On April 20th I am going to Capitol Hill to see Lily participate in the ‘You’re the Cure on the Hill’ campaign – #
  • Ok. I just saw a dude with a dress on on the way to the T. And no, he was not a TV. Nice dress too. #
  • I am watching ‘Teen Chef’ on Food Network. Amazing teen chefs. I never even knew food like this existed at that age. #
  • High-Resolution Imaging Unlocks Viral Secrets – #
  • President Obama keeps his word on science funding – Final Stimulus Bill Provides $21.5 Billion for Federal R&D – #
  • The Silver line bus just ran out of gas. Yeah, I am serios. Luckily it was my stop. #
  • Reading Thoughts with Brain Imaging – Researchers use fMRI to determine the contents of short-term memory – #
  • A new technique lets hackers targeting Apple’s OS X cover their tracks more effectively – #
  • The Absurdly Artificial Divide Between Pure and Applied Research – #
  • Oh, Hubble, Can This Really Be the End? – #
  • Got to love the city. I saw a man riding his bike with a 5 ft fake tree sticking out of his backpack. #
  • Discovery Fleshes Out Metabolism of Key Environmental and Energy Bacteria – #
  • MIT research explains how thin layers of tiny organisms form at sea; could help predict harmful algal blooms – #
  • Scientists Exploit Bacterial Laziness to Beat Disease – #
  • Rare Comet Close-Up Coming to a Sky Near You – #
  • A More Efficient Ethanol Engine – An “adaptive” engine promises to make ethanol more competitive – #
  • A Cheaper Solar Concentrator – A new light-guiding optic combines low cost with high efficiency – #
  • A Mathematical Model Developed Has Revealed How Microbes Regulate Their Activities For Maximum Efficiency – #
  • Why do Mass drivers not understand that they can turn right on a red when there is no ‘Do Not Turn’ sign? #
  • The pedestrian does not ‘always’ have the right of way. #

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