Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

  • Going to Will’s house to have beer and beer soaked sausage while making more beer. #
  • Bringing my Blood Orange Tequila to add some spark to the afternoon. #
  • Just stopped at a new liquor store on the corner of Wash n Mass Ave -great selection of beer and wines – #
  • Had a boil over. Chilling the wort, getting ready for the 1st fermentation. The house smells so good. #
  • A load of Twitter – a twitter about twitter – London Times Article on the phenomena called Twitter – #
  • Microbe turns organic waste into hydrogen without expensive platinum cathode – #
  • A New Route to Terabit Memory

    Polymers that arrange into nanostructures could store terabits on a square inch – #

  • Man looking at young girl doind her math homework on the T. Opportunity to help or to moan state of education? #
  • Sitting at a friends thesis defense. Really cool chemistry dealing with DNA damage and repair chemistry. #
  • Aflatoxin – 4.6 billion people/yr exposed to liver cancer causing compound made by fungus growing on stored rice and corn in 3rd world #
  • Liver cancer is 4th leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide (WHO) (1 lung, 2 stomach, and 3 colorectal) with > 70% of deaths in 3rd world. #
  • @JarrettGoetz – now is when you wish you had a Dodge Power Wagon like Rick Simon with the 10″ solid steel bumper – push them out of the way in reply to JarrettGoetz #
  • What was your first experience with food or science? Mine was cooking with my grandfather – #
  • Energy-Saving Insulation – #
  • Internet Car Radio – way to go Blaupunkt – #
  • From the Labs: Biomedicine – New publications, experiments and breakthroughs in biomedicine-and what they mean – #
  • To the people who complain about President Obama’s stimulus plan and the deficit, didn’t he inherit the problem from them? #
  • Taken for Granted: The Man Who Wasn’t There – A future probability for me and my career – makes you think twice – #
  • Gut Bacteria Can Manufacture Defenses Against Cancer and
    Inflammatory Bowel Disease – #
  • Genetic Adaptations Key to Microbe’s Survival in Challenging
    Environment – microbes from the deep sea – #
  • MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team, the oldest student team in the country, unveils its latest high-tech car – #
  • Engineers use ‘nano-origami’ to build tiny electronic devices – #
  • Speed-Reading DNA Inches Closer – an important step for a new sequencing technique – #
  • TR10: $100 Genome

    Speaking of DNA sequencing – TR10: $100 Genome – nano chip could lower costs dramatically – #

  • My friends research – good vibrations – devices aid the deaf by translating sound waves to vibrations – #
  • TR10: Paper Diagnostics – a cheap, easy-to-use diagnostic test out of paper – #
  • Small chunk of DNA linked to schizophrenia/mental retardation/autism may change the way we think about disease – #
  • Now this is city planning – Bloomberg unveiled plan to barred cars from Broadway at Times/Herald Square – #
  • @BostonTweet – overpriced and underspicedm #
  • @BostonTweet – they are the best. Falafel wrap w spicy sauce – a must #
  • At the bar at the Buttery. Amazing steak frittes. #
  • What a way to start the Sat. Car towed for no apparent reason. Illegally parked in the middle of the block with resident sticker? WTF! #
  • Is there a notice service for Boston neighborhoods which posts special parking area restrictions, like movies/construction/moving? #
  • @stevewilson what type of installation was it? Compiling a list of new products and expertise in the energy construction area. TTYL in reply to stevewilson #
  • Oil-rich Abu Dhabi is building a zero-emission green metropolis – Should the rest of the world care? #
  • A new way of fueling reactors could make nuclear power safer and less expensive – #
  • Study: Old drugs might give TB a 1-2 punch – #
  • Swapped spit bacteria could be used to map human migration patterns – #
  • Salty sinkholes home to rare bacteria in Lake Huron – #
  • California dairy farm converted 18-wheelers to run on biomethane, creating nation’s first cow pie-powered truck – #

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