Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • Metal Bits Self-Assemble Into Lifelike Snakes – it moves/crashes onto free-floating particles and absorbs them – #
  • Martian Volcano Could Be Reservoir for Life – Olympus Mons is a favored place to find ongoing life on Mars- #
  • 5 Huge Green-Tech Projects in the Developing World – solution to global climate change will involve whole globe – #
  • Mapping a City’s Rhythm – phone app highlights hot spots – will soon show where different urban “tribes” gather – #
  • Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries – could power laser weapons or give hybrid cars jackrabbit acceleration – #
  • Our Sick Farms, Our Infected Food – Congress/FDA must upend the nation’s agricultural policies to keep food safe – #
  • Bacteria generate cleaner power and water – #
  • Looking for a drink to make with my prickly pear cactus fruit. Prickly pear mojito? That sounds so appetizing – #
  • Biofilms: Even Stickier Than Suspected – and the bacteria that make them get more resilient with age – #
  • Will made curried chick peas from scratch that are to die for. Joy of Cooking recipie. #
  • Drinking beer, making beer. Is there a better way to spend a Thursday night? #
  • @thequeenoftarts – I’ll never hear the end of this now. I guess I will have to start watching now – NOT! No really, it is pretty cool. #
  • Making Robots Give the Right Glances – by mimicking nonverbal actions, robots could become better assistants – #
  • Twitter Could Bring Search Up to Speed – Twitter may be as important to real-time search as YouTube is to video – #
  • Tissues that Build Themselves – specially engineered cells arrange themselves into 3-dimensional microtissues – #
  • Creating Cell Parts from Scratch – synthetic ribosome is important step in quest to create artificial life forms – #
  • Nanofibers Power Attoscale Chemistry – A new way to perform experiments using just thousands of molecules – #
  • Internet visitors can see the Earth as never before – live from the International Space Station, streaming video – #
  • Why do people think that they can get on the bus without paying? Do they think the bus driver will not see them? #
  • Waiting for parts to come in for high pressure growth chamber. Have a
    March 23 deadline. Need to be up and running for experiments. Arg … #
  • I love when people interupt a 11 floor elevator ride to go up 1 floor. Does the stairs right next to the elevator not clue you in? #
  • Scrubbing CO2 Cheaply – A new carbon-capture method will be tested at a German coal plant – #
  • Mobile phone handsets belonging to hospital workers are covered in bacteria including the ‘superbug’, MRSA – #
  • First reported staph infection in zoo elephant / first documented transmission from animal to human caretaker – #
  • Glow, Little E. Coli: Making Luminous Bacteria – MTU researchers make a strain of E. coli glow – #
  • Energy opportunities seen amid crisis – Conference speakers cite chances for progress – #
  • Gel offers controlled drug delivery – Self-assembling hydrogel could help treat cancer/diabetes, other diseases – #
  • Gut bacteria ally with Bt toxin – Particular microbes make caterpillars susceptible to the insecticide – #
  • Caught up with friend over lunch. She is graduating with PhD and thinking Science Policy. Excited. We need more scientists driving policy. #
  • The 9th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival is going on this weekend – buy tickets, passes, and memberships online – #
  • So much for the 60F weekend weather. Sleeting and snowing outside right now. Going to be an ugly day. #
  • Bacteria-killing Enzyme Cures Mice With Fatal Pneumonia – #
  • Carbon nanotubes that respond to visible light might mean better solar cells and artificial retinas – #
  • At an amazing brunch with mimosas, home made croissants, fruit salad, and wonderful family and friends. #
  • Just watched a great interview with Van Morrison on Sunday Morning. Great songwriter, artist, and recluse. #

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