Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

  • I am out walking in the snow! It is so beautiful and quiet in the South End. #
  • I am sitting at gaslight having brunch and a bloodymary with my girl. Got to try the bloodymary. #
  • I am looking at MIT kids moving a fridge. For all their engineering skills, they are missing some common skills. How do you teach those? #
  • Is so full after having Indian buffet and chocolate cake. I need a nap. #
  • I just finished watching Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders last concert (London, 1973). What a great era for music that was! #
  • I love internet radio! #
  • I need to learn not to try to take apart my electronic toys in the middle of the day. So much for getting anything done. #
  • I am warming my hands around the nice big cup of coffee. Yeah cold weather! #
  • I love that ‘Joe the wannabe’ plumber just got smacked down by CNN’s Rick Sanchez. Look it up … #
  • It is a beautiful, but bitterly harsh cold day out. The kind that hurts your lungs when you breathe. You feel alive. #
  • I just watched Obama, the President Elect, give his speach in Wilmington. The long new day for America and the world continues! #
  • Will the keepers of the MLK dream carry it to its full potential and end discrimination of everyone? #
  • It is a unique moment in history when so much hope is running on the shoulders of one man. #

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