Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • I am sitting down reading this months Gourmet magazine. A great selection of ideas on soups and rolls. #
  • Scientists discover new type of antibiotic made by Hydras – #
  • Microbes in your gut might make the difference between being fat or thin – #
  • Living in the city ain’t easy. No self control. #
  • @JarrettGoetz that is indeed sad. Was reading it this morning in the news. #
  • Mass Extinctions? Hear Peter Wood’s explanation on #
  • Cheating bacteria could treat infections – #
  • Since when is 5″ of snow a reason to shut down the city? #
  • What or who laid the foundation for the 80′s digital music revolution – synthesizers? – Robert Moog – #
  • Reproductive Life of Male Mice is Increased By Living With Females – Another reason to live in sin? – #
  • Researchers Identify Genetic Influence in Social Networks – Will FaceBook offer genetic testing now? - #
  • You need to visit Brix Wine Shop on Washington, great wines and specialty alcohols- #
  • Geothermal Energy Technology Will Heat and Cool Oldest African-American Church – #
  • Architecture Reuse – In a Manhattan Apartment, Back to the Future – #
  • I am setting another PCR for what seems the 100th time. Perseverance. Like drops of water on a rock. #
  • Miracle fruit – Synsepalum dulcificum – when eaten, cause sour foods consumed to taste sweet – wow – #
  • I have made a significant breakthrough today. Perseverance paid off. Will continue totake over the world tomorrow. Goodnight Pinky. #
  • I am dealing with the landloard; Hamilton company. The front door is broken again. Let’s see how long it takes to get fixed this time. #
  • I am cooking Cuban tonight. Making mojitos with Havana Club rum, agave nectar, mint, cane sugar, and sugar cane. #
  • Google been hacked? Do a search. Every site is marked as dangerous! #
  • Going to Russo’s for fresh produce. Making fish tacos, fresh guacamole, refried beans, and kickin margaritas for dinner tonight. #
  • At the verizon store. Lily’s BB world phone crashed hard. Hmm. #
  • Just had an altercation with the little Verizon service punk. #

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