Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

  • @myersandchang – good thing – happened to me once or twice … in reply to myersandchang #
  • Flipping through channels – got stuck on Food Network’s ‘Unwrapped’ – interesting to hear reasoning behind mass production of food parts #
  • Catching up on Lost – interesting opening sequence … #
  • Just visited Ginger Park. Don makes a mean mojito. I think they could have integrated the back of bar to match flowing interior. #
  • @LDGourmet – yes. that is exactly it. I know privacy in modern world is myth. Now just need to decide who sees what and how info is used. in reply to LDGourmet #
  • Too funny – FaceBook Privacy – #
  • @LDGourmet @Dadekian – thanks for the #ff – it has been a lot of fun reading and commenting on food and all the rest – #Hognoscenti in reply to LDGourmet #
  • @LDGourmet – Great! Adding that to the list. Thanks for the suggestion. in reply to LDGourmet #
  • Congrats to friend, Professor Collin Stultz, is on the front page of MIT for his work on collagen and heart disease – #
  • My latest Nourish Network post: on new sustainable meats: > have you tried them yet? via @LDGourmet #
  • @LDGourmet – I have tried them all. I like bison. Really rich & flavorful. Goat you have to be careful butchering. Rabbit is lest favorite in reply to LDGourmet #
  • Holy cow that was a lot of mailing! We hope the magazine arrives to you safely and swiftly. via @remedyquarterly < Yeah! Can’t wait! #
  • Lab equipment you could use in your kitchen – via @sciencebase < Um, not saying I have them, but some of those r handy #
  • @vivianboroff @bbcamericangirl – Thank you so much. That is one reason I have been offline lately. Stay tuned … #
  • and so it begins – turned in my first application for a position as a professor – let’s see how this goes #
  • Meeting a friend for drinks and food. One of our favorite haunts. (@ Franklin Cafe) #
  • Watching U2:Rattle and Hum video – Bono, the consummate performer – so young looking – when did we get old #
  • @RichardPF – Burger King – that man is evil – Old Dancing Guy is just well, old :-) in reply to RichardPF #
  • Thanks to @AperronHasHeart and the American Heart Association for all their work with the Mass State Lawmakers. You make a difference. #
  • Visiting State Senators and Representatives for @thequeenofhearts and the American Heart Association (@ Massachusetts State House) #
  • The fast food service industry is neither fast. Nor does it service #
  • Moronic Silver line bus driver, medical emergency & broken train @ Red line = bad morning – WTF! #
  • Saw my girl off on a jet plane – now home alone with sticky buns, madeleines, fresh slices prosciutto, and misc cheese – I’ll miss you? #
  • @RichardPF @myersandchang – they’ve been fierce the last 2 weeks – seen various handcuffs @ both silver line stops – mostly underdover in reply to RichardPF #
  • @bbcamericangirl – My favorite since I can remember – 1rst concert was 1981 – unfortunately I missed them on this last tour – in reply to bbcamericangirl #
  • @LDGourmet – Wait until I expound on benefits of diet composed of pork prod raised by daily feedng chestnuts & rubbing their bellies 2/2 :-) in reply to LDGourmet #
  • I knew that there was more in that dark chocolate bar than it let on. This is just the beginning 1/2 #
  • Metabolic Effects of Dark Choc Cons on Energy, Gut Microbiota, and Stress-Related Metabolism in Free-Living Subjects – #
  • #
  • ‘SACNAS responds to AZ immigration law #SB1070 #039;: via @addthis – #Latino #Arizona #
  • @blackaller – pronto chico, entre un papel y una applicacion, me estoy pelando los codos. Pero uno de los dos se acaba manyana in reply to blackaller #
  • @blackaller – Tienes una peseta? Flip it … in reply to blackaller #
  • So frustrated with Safari – moving everything over to Google Chrome – much smoother and quick to load pages – #AppleFail #
  • She is leaving for a week and I just got a whole bunch of fresh sticky buns made for me. Yummy! I will miss you, I promise … #

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