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Is meat made any other way still as sweet?

As excited as I am about the possibility of eating an engneered ‘steak’ or ‘pork chop’, I believe that much work needs to be done before we see the commercialization of genetically engineered meats available for consumption. Continue reading

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Padma Lakshmi opens the MIT Center for Gynepathology Research

Her pain was apparent in her heart felt rendering of how she had suffered through misdiagnosis and unnecessary medical procedures before a friend referred her to Dr. Seckin. Padma told of the relief she felt hearing Dr. Seckin’s words. He understood what she was going through. His life’s work has been dedicated to understanding the molecular underpinnings of this debilitating disease. Continue reading

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Center for Alternative Technology – Paul Allen

Last Friday, Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Machynlleth Mid-Wales spoke about the centers work during seminar in the Parson’s Lab.  He is the CAT Development Director and co-author of the Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) report. … Continue reading

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Life under high pressure – the setup

It was only recently that we began to understand the capacity of microbes to populate the most inhospitable places on earth.  From the inside of nuclear reactors to highly corrosive sulfur environments, microbes are there.   We have found them … Continue reading

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TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

I remember the first time I visited the a TED conference (it stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) website.  Jarrett, a good friend who I blogged about, introduced me to a video from Aubrey de Grey called Why we age … Continue reading

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