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TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

I remember the first time I visited the a TED conference (it stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) website.  Jarrett, a good friend who I blogged about, introduced me to a video from Aubrey de Grey called Why we age … Continue reading

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Jarrett Goetz – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

I met Jarrett during my stint as Vice President of the MIT Graduate Student Council in the 2004-2005 school year.  He was in the MIT Sloan Fellows program and Harvard, John F. Kennedy School of Government (KSG) program and I … Continue reading

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Variability in food caloric value

New Years Day I am having dinner with a good Jarrett at a chain restaurant eating one of their health conscious salads.  We were commenting on how the volume of the salad changed every time we went there to eat.  … Continue reading

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